Freya Energy

Lithium ion batteries have powered cell phones and laptops for years.  Exciting new applications for this technology are expanding in hybrid vehicles, energy storage and national security applications.  These new applications require larger format products. But large lithium ion cells and batteries require proportionally more safety features than small cells.

Freya Energy has the proprietary technology, technical knowledge, industry knowledge, and manufacturing skills to produce safer large format Li-ion cells and batteries in the U.S.

Freya is the only company that can produce highest-energy large format lithium ion cells and batteries that are safer than traditional batteries.  The company’s significant product differentiators and considerable competitive advantages, include:

  • Breakthrough Technology – the Freya Safety Separator
  • Proven large format cell design
  • Backlog of demand from known customers
  • Team known by the marketplace

Freya is introducing, manufacturing and selling products based on its proprietary technology, which enables safer high-energy large format cells and batteries.

Freya recently commenced manufacturing of its large format lithium ion cells for shipment to waiting customers, for their evaluation and testing.